Grand Canyon Shopping

The Grand Canyon Marketplace
If you are looking for the perfect place to pick up sandwiches, drinks, and even souvenirs, stop by the Grand Canyon Marketplace and find everything you would be able to purchase in your home general store. Located in the Marketplace Plaza, the Grand Canyon Marketplace is easy to access and offers a wide range of different products for both tourists and locals. You can even print your digital photos while you are on vacation if that is what you want to do. 

Verkamp's Curios at the Grand Canyon Village
As you might expect by the name, you will find a store full of curio cabinets with all of types of different merchandise. If you are looking to visit a business that has been part of this tourist destination for quite some time, Verkamp's Curios is the perfect place to visit. This gift shop specializes in offering a great selection of quality souvenirs that are made by locals and professional craftsmen. 

The Cameron Trading Post
The Cameron Trading Post is one of those stores you should stop by even if you are not in the mood to buy anything. This historic trading post is a great place to stop when you need to take a break from the car and has a wide variety of different native pottery, jewelry, and antiques. Whether you want to own a piece of Navajo jewelry or you want to just browse through all of the different Native American art that has been made by tribal artisans in the local vicinity, the Cameron Trading Post is a great place to visit on your journey. 

The Western Village
If you are looking for a place to stop near the Entrance at North Rim, the Western Village is a convenient place to visit. Some of the shops and gift stores in the area do not offer much more than artifacts and souvenirs that you would buy for family and friends. The Western Village is a General Store and a gift shop in one. This means that you can pick up the supplies you need for camping and buy Indian crafts all at the same location. 

The Historic Hopi House
If you are looking for authentic ceramics and paintings, you can find nothing but authentic pieces at the Hopi House. This location was once living quarters for all of Hopi artists to produce their art and sell it. It is now a souvenir shop and a village where you can find products from a few dollars to thousands of dollars depending on what you are looking for.